In today's fast paced world, we don't think that it's to much to ask to have a perfect chair! Whether that chair is in your home or office we know that Leflar Ltd. probably has it. If for some reason you can not find it... then we will make it for you! At Leflar Ltd. Custom is very competitively priced! There is no reason to shy away from custom. With all of the options that we have on the floor and our very informative staff, we can offer you more options than you could imagine! Our custom options only start with chairs. With our wide range of products, we have sofas, chaise lounges, "chair and a halfs", Dining sets, cocktail and side tables, armoires, chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, office furniture and much, much more!

Leflar Ltd. Seattle Design Center, Suite 210,

5701 Sixth Avenue South, Seattle Washington 98108 206.762.5315 / fax 206.762.7467

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